May 30, 2013

Pink 16: Finally, My YouTube Channel Alhamdu Lillah ! :D

Assalamu Alaikum 
every one !
How are ? and how's ur Summer going on?
Mine is TOO HOT Alhamdu Lillah ,,
i've been trying my best to enjoy it Insha'a Allah !
and the first thing i did to enjoy this Summer is that i made a YouTube Channel !
Yay yay *Applause* hehe

Here is the link

I "did' edited a video and actually it's ready to be uploaded put ,,
I'm a little bit nervous ,, Donno why ^^" even though i haven't ever been nervous about
posting something anywhere Alhamdu Lillah ,,
but now i just ,, i don't know ..

Maybe because there is a lot of rude people on YouTube ? i'm not saying all the YouTubers are rude ,,
It's just like THERE IS a group of them? and it annoys me cause i don't like to see
such people acting in such a way in front of me ! i just HATE it !

Sorry for the angry me ^^" 
i showed the video to some of my family members ,,
they liked it , but still i'm not 100% sure about ,

But u know ,, u can't tell that my video is not good until i upload it ,
and if it wasn't good , i'll learn to try another style to edit my videos

Well, i decided !
i'll try my best to Upload it tomorrow Insha'a Allah !
and if u like it 皆さん please don't forget to support my little YouTube Channel with ur lovely likes,shares and subscribes !
it'll really give me hope and help me "after Allah" to keep on making videos and show some of my interests ,, and inspire u sometimes maybe ? ^^

Wow Subhan Allah i feel so fresh and calm after writing what was in my mind ..
And Yeah for my English Speakers Followers ,, 
"whom can't speak or understand Arabic/Japanese"

If U want me to translate any of my videos of posts in my Blog , it's my pleasure to help!
just tell me through twitter ,ask or anywhere u want out of these sites over HERE
And i'll try to do my Best Insha'a Allah 
<33 p="">

See u in another PINKY post ^^

May Allah Protect You All


  1. Wa alaikumus salam!! ^_^
    Hey~ Wazzup? XD
    I'd like to give you the Versatile Award too!
    and I'll be putting your blog link in my post okay?
    Also I have visited your YT channel~ (^∀^)

    1. Ooh U sweetie Sis <33
      I'm fine Alhamdu Lillah ,, and U ? ^^

      It's a pleasure to have my Blog linked in ur Lovely Post <3

      i just wanna ask u ,, What is the Versatile Award ?
      it's my first time to hear about it ..

      Oow really? and what do you think ?

      i think i have to do an English Video for my foreigner followers Insha'a Allah ^^

      Thnx 4 passing by lovely one !