Apr 7, 2013

Pink 15: Dreams,, Hope ,, Faith and Happiness

Assalamu Alaikum
Everyone !
Long time no posts in English!
Sorry for that ^^"

Well.. have you noticed the new item i added in the blog? yup yup
the audio player!
i've been searching for such a code for an ages !
but finally Alahmdu Lellah i found it ,,
it feels so nice to write a new post while listening to some beautiful Islamic nasheeds,,
right? ^^


Everyone of us has a dream ,, 
a dream to fight for and to pay whatever to get it ,,
isn't dreams are a reason after Allah to give us some hope and faith to keep on going?
i mean,,
when u have something to fight for , you'll always have faith on Allah that he will never betray you
SO that you'll do your most best until you get what you want ,,

,, Dreams,, Hope ,, Faith ,, Happiness
are all nothing but "Some" very important blessings from Allah to help us live ,,

How would writing an exam paper be if the student don't have the faith and hope to succeed ?

How would having a new child be if the parents can't feel the happiness?

HOW can we keep on going through our daily life and put planes for the future WITHOUT having a dream to work for ?

That's why i'm so PROUD to be a Muslim Alhamdu Lellah ..
Cause ,, 

That Allah is Always with me ,,He Knows each and every word i'm saying and Hears everything i'm asking for ,,
AND HE WILL -Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala-

That Allah will never ever leave me alone ,,
 Whenever their is something annoying me ,, i can just raise my hand and ask Allah to help me..
HE WILL NEVER leave one whom calling him and asking him for help
 HE WILL NOT LEAVE ME ALONE-Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala-

Which i'm sure Allah will make it come true ,,
cause Allah created everything ,, and he is controlling everything ,,
I KNOW HE CAN GIVE ME whatever i want if i asked him -Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala-

For being a MUSLIM :)
Alhamdu Lellah 


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