Sep 23, 2012

Physics for Scientists and Engineers 8th Edition Ebook + Solution Manual

Assalamu Alaikum everyone!
Reni Desu!
Long time to posts in English!
Sorry ^^" i was really busy with some home works , assignments , bla bla bla~

I'll do my best for Posting more in English Insha'a Allah so please
Wish me the BEST!

This Post is really a treasure !
you know why?
cause i spent the whole last thursday in searching for this!
it's a treasure for me and for all whom studying PHYS101 course using
Physics for Scientists and Engineers 8th Edition ) TextBook ,,

i searched until i found it Alhamdu Lellah! with it's solution Manual EBook!
Yay me~ *jumping*

it was really hard to find it, any way ,, i got it some how Alhamdu Lellah so ,,
no more talk!

here is the Download Link!
( It's on 4Shared, so it seems that you must be logged in so that you can Download it :] )

Hope you all a great semester full of good work and marks ^^

Comment = LOVE !

see you in another Post Insha'a Allah ,,
until that time Take Care!
May Allah Bless You All.
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  1. Thanks for sharing~
    This might be helpful for me too~
    Might as well download it for the future use.. XD
    I'm just curious.. What's ur course/major? ;D

    1. Ur most wlcm sweetie <33

      Yeah i think u have in case u need it ,, :) it's not that big file after all ,,

      I'm an Applied Computer Since Student ,,
      and U ?
      i think Prep. right ?