Feb 9, 2011

Forever..~ For all My Life.. FOREVER..~!!

"Look for the shininig side from every problem you face"
that what i'm always saying whatever happened to me..
whatever Happened..
i stell have a feet.. so i can WALK..
i have a legs so i can RUN..!!
throught my DREAMS..~

I stell Have a time.. a choice.. and anothe Chance
so i can change my life..

I Have.. and Forever will have ALLAH with me..
So i can be comfortable and calmdown..
so i can smile without anything can take my smile away..
i can dream and wish for all my life..
Because i Have ALLAH who will give whatever i want..
everywhere..anywhere..every time.. and any moment..~

For all My LIFE..~


  1. sooooooooooooooo sweet

    what a smooth soul do u have inside
    ماشاءالله تبارك الله ,,

    الحمدلله الذي فضلنا على كثير من خلقه..
    we’r very lucky 2 have a god like allah

  2. How noce word is !!!
    I Have.. and Forever will have ALLAH with me..
    So i can be comfortable and calmdown
    PLS ya allah forgive me !_!
    thank u sweetei for those nice word ♥

  3. ℓσłliρσρ g!rℓ
    Hi sweety.. ^^ so happy to see you
    Thats right..!!
    Proud to be a Muslim!!

    Alhamdo Lellah..~

    oOoh my dear :$ thank for your precious words
    i relly appreciate it..
    see you again ok?
    and take care LoOoly-chan..~

  4. NoOoN
    Hi dear..
    Thaaaank you so much for your comment ^^
    i'm so happy that you like it
    Amen Amen May Allah forgive us for whatever
    we have done..

    Take care dear..
    see you again sweety..

    Thank you again NoOoN-chan..~