May 3, 2010

Surpriiiiiiiiiiiiiiize..~ ^^

hi minna =)

i'm so happy today cause my father surprized us with a plane Tickets to Dammam for this weekend ^^

i was very happy cause i wanna go to (( Daisou ))*

* a Japanese shop..

and visit (( Fushi )) resturant*

* a Japanese resturant too.. ^^ hehe..!!

so that why i'm so Enthusiast to go..

well.. i was wanna spend this weekend in my blog.. but i don't think that i can..
i will not take my PC with me cause it's just a few day.. ^^ so..
i'll miss you all minna.. take care and waiting for me ^^
i'll log in tommorrow to say (( good bye )) to you..

Ja ne..~


  1. woooooooooow lucky you
    I`ll miss you
    don`t forget to have a beautiful time and forget about yr exam cuz yourself First hahahah
    are you agree with me
    see you tomorrow my friend

  2. hi him ji mun
    i'm happy to see you here
    welcome you dear
    are you sure about your unhelpful advice..??
    ofcourse i'm not agree with you and
    don't you think that this is the wrong place to write your comment khekhekhe..!!

    see you tommorrow my friend